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In this method we are make up to three thousand dollars on complete autopilot way. 

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No matter where you’re coming from. Most importantly for free in this method I’ll be showing you How to make a lot of money!  Using a site. Probably most of you have never heard about before.  But before we start welcome to HELPINDIA.


We teach you How to make money online the simplest way.  If ever you have any concerns questions or opinions about this method don’t be shy and just leave a comment down below. Now let’s get back to the topic.


Let’s now jump straight into the method itself. Okay, so let’s get right to it the site. We’ll be using today to get paid is called kickinsta.com. As you can see this site is where you can get real instagram followers. We know that it’s legit.  Thanks to the bunch of huge companies showcased on here like Forbes for example. The thing with this website is that it doesn’t get you followers by you buying them.

Instead you need to find profiles similar to your own. Since their followers may like your page.  As you can see what happens from there is kickinsta.com.  Essentially does all of the work for you.  Kickinsta.com will like posts of people. People who follow profiles similar to yours on your behalf just keep adding relevant profiles to get the maximum exposure.  In this fashion people will see you in their notifications.  And chances are they will want to follow you back simply. Because they’re following pages similar to your own.  As you can see here. Because you are engage with similar audiences.


Some of those people will follow you back. As long as you post quality content frequently success is guaranteed.

So as you can see you guys like I said you don’t get followers with this site by simply buying them outright.  You instead get people who might like your page to follow you. So don’t worry we won’t be paying this site. Because as I said we’re talking about a free strategy. Here, that of course begs the question


What are we doing here?

How will this get us paid well?

We will be promoting it as an affiliate.  And don’t click off you guys. Because this site is arguably one of the highest paying sites out there. And I’ll show you exactly how to find targeted traffic?

In any case you now need to scroll down to the bottom of this page.  Then simply click on affiliates right here. This is basically where you’ll sign up to become an affiliate.  And when you do so you’ll get an affiliate link.  Then whenever signs up via that link you’ll get paid.


How much well check this out above this site?

This site offers you 50 percent commissions. This is why I said it pays a lot of money.  This is one of the highest paying sites.  As far as affiliate marketing is concerned for most websites you’re lucky to get 30 percent.  But this site offers you 50 percent. Now in case you don’t know much about affiliate marketing. 

What 50 percent commissions mean is that you get to keep 50 percent of the money that a customer you referred. Here paid kickinsta which I have said is huge. 


Apart from that however they also have some very nice features as well.

 A 45-day cookie lifespan 100 timely payouts.

So you always get paid on time monthly newsletters with cool features and deals. Here you can see that you can actually get bonuses.  And get paid more money which is awesome!  To say the least.  And finally you will have access to an affiliate management team.  All great features you guys at the bottom of the page.

  You can read some testimonials and frequently asked questions.  But I won’t go over them. Instead want to show you is how much money we’re actually talking about.  Because a 50 commission doesn’t mean anything. If the prices are low clicking on pricing will show you.  Exactly how much money we’re talking about. 


On this page you can see that they have two pricing plans.

  Standard and premium which cost fifty dollars and one hundred dollars respectively.

So if someone grabs the standard plan you get paid 25.  25 dollar is a decent amount of money for just a single customer.  Not to mention the fact that many will go for the premium one as well regardless.

So if you get 100 people to sign up for the standard plan ignoring the premium one for now that means you make two thousand five hundred dollars which is quite a bit moreover.

I will be showing you a traffic source that will allow you to literally reach thousands of people out there. Anyways I have to mention something because it’s a fantastic feature that makes the site even better.  It’s the fact that it has a 14-day money-back guarantee this is very important. Because people don’t want to give away their money just like that and rightly.

 So this is why when you tell them that there is a 14 day money back guarantee there is a much better chance that they will give KICKINSTA a try.  And when they see how much it is helping them. I can guarantee you that they will want to keep using it.  And thus you can earn more money all in all this site is fantastic to promote as an affiliate you guys. 


Just come over here and then

  •  Click on sign up enter in your first and last names email address 
  • And password complete this catch
  • By clicking on I’m not a robot tick this box
  • And then click on sign up.

Now to create your brand new account with all that done.

Let me show you how you’ll be able to get traffic to your affiliate link believe it or not Google will be helpful here.


Now something we’ll be doing here is very similar to something we know

 What you want to do is search for a city or town in business.

For example it can be gyms in some city or whatever or a store of some sort. Literally any business in any town or city that you can think of anywhere around the globe.

 I decided to search for bars in Philadelphia.

  As you can see what you want to do when you search for a business type is scroll down.

 And click on view all right here.

  This will show me all the bars in Philadelphia and as you can see there are a lot of them.

 What you now need to do is randomly pick one of these and click on them.


Now your next step is to click on the website.

  Here and that will take you over to their website obviously.

 And it’s on their website that we can see if they have any social media accounts.

  Most businesses nowadays do simply.

  Because they do understand the value and importance of online marketing.  The info about their social media can be generally found at the bottom or top of the page.  Either way for this page it’s located right here. And we just have to click on this one in order to open their account.

  But not all businesses will have instagram accounts how many of them do depend highly on the type of business we’re talking about.  If they don’t have an account then move on to the next business until you find one.  The second important thing is that you want the said account to not have too many followers.  Because if they do they won’t be interested in using KICKINSTA if they have less than 10 000 followers. Then that’s fantastic and this one as you can see only has this amount of followers on their account.  What you’ll now do is simply contact these people. And tell them more followers will make them. Looking far more appealing to the future customers.  And will get those more customers in general this strategy.  Absolutely works you guys.


And the reason first off is because most businesses nowadays have instagram accounts.  But most said businesses don’t have that many followers. On those very same accounts. Since we’re talking about businesses. And the second and arguably most important fact is that they’ll have a bigger budget and some money to spare.  This is exactly why they are the perfect customers. They have the money to spare. They’ll also need the followers KICKINSTA will bring them.  You get paid they get their followers which will increase the number of customers they will get.  So literally everybody wins and you can just repeat the same process with other businesses. All around the globe you will never run out of customers and that is the best thing about. This strategy and that’s it.  Before we go make sure to share this post with your friends! 

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