Hi Cuties,

There’s a brand new website for earn money online out there that will pay you instantly and free PayPal money.

This is very easy method to earn money online.

All you have to do in order to get paid is copy and paste. Some links this requires no social media following, no skills or experience. And of course it’s available worldwide.

If you want to make a lot of money with absolute ease. Then this is the perfect place for you.

This is very useful for people who want to make money online.

easy way to earn money online


Now just before we start, let me remind you that if you like this type of content and you’d like to see more. Then support my site by visiting my site regularly with all of that said let’s now jump straight into the tutorial.so I can show you everything okay, so the very first website we will be using today in order to make some good money online is this one here called yazing.com.


You can right away see what this site is about?

When you come on their homepage get paid for every purchase you make and influence online.

So basically this platform offers cash back to people who purchase something.

And obviously since we’re not here to spend money. But rather make money.

We’re not interested in that what this site has to offer apart from cash backs?

That we are actually interested in. you can see just below get paid to promote.


Yazing also pays you cash rewards when you promote any brand’s deal and coupon. Your influence generates sales so you can actually make money.

By promoting other people’s products. And you will see soon enough why it is?

That we are using this site in particular to get paid for promotion. And not some affiliate marketplace.

For example anyways as you can see right next to this. They will pay you super-fast.

So you don’t have to wait! Around.in order to actually collect your earnings.as is the case with so many other platforms.

And through

What platform they will pay you?

You can see just below it’s none other than PayPal. PayPal is the platform most of you watching this love. So for those of you who have been wondering up until? Now this site does offer PayPal indeed.


Anyways what you guys will need to do?

When you first come onto this site is create a brand new account to do.

So just click on the join now button right up here.

make money online

On the next page

Just enter

 Your username

 Email address

 And password

And then click on register now to create your account.

So you can actually start making money on this site.

Once you log into your new account. This is how everything will look.

And if you scroll down you will now be able to see many brands.

From which you can either get cash back or get paid to promote.


And obviously as I said before we want to promote them. And check this out guys. If I wanted to promote this brand.

 For example:

 I would get paid 500 for doing. When you think about it is insane to say. The least all we would have to do is click on promote to earn. Then grab that referral link.

And whenever someone makes a purchase via that link. We would earn 500$.so there’s a lot of money to be made here.

Most definitely, now remember how I said?

 I would explain later.

Why we are using this particular site to promote brands and get paid?

Well here’s why!

When you click on promote to earn for any one of these brands. You will be able to grab your referral link instantly!


earn money online

As you can see so you don’t have to request for approval. Then wait around doing nothing.

As is the case with so many other platforms you can instead grab your link immediately.

Which is one of the main reasons this site is so good. With that said guys you can grab a referral link to any of these offers. But I would recommend you grab a referral link to a brand in a specific niche.

The animal niche. And you will see

Why that is the case soon for now?

Though what you’ll need to do is

Click on select category

And then

Click on animals and pet supplies

That will take you over to animal products page.

Here and you will now just grab a referral link to any one of these brands.

For as long as it’s related to animals.it doesn’t matter which one it is.

Once you grab a referral link to any of these.


It’s now time for me to show you a traffic source!

You can use to get traffic to your link.so you can actually make money online.

The traffic source in question is actually instagram.

I will show you guys


How you can use instagram to get traffic even with zero followers?

 You don’t need a social media following for this. Anyways what you will need to do on instagram is create a brand new page. That is all about dogs. Since after all we are promoting a brand about dogs. And so that is what our page should be?

About you want to make sure the name of your page is related to dogs. And the profile picture as well as the bio. And once you set all that up. It’s now time for the next step.

The next step will be to add some posts on your dog page.

And there is no site more perfect for obtaining free to use and professionally taken images.

Then pexels.com on here you can find hundreds of thousands of photos on just about anything.

More importantly for us you can download and use them freely on your page.

So what I want you guys to do on here is type in search bar something like dog, puppy, and cute dog.

So will show you all of dog’s images. You can use and you now want to download a few of them to do so just click on download button right here.

You’d want to download like five to ten of them for now.

As you won’t be needing too many for the time being from there.


Just come back over to instagram and upload a few of them on your page. Once you do so once you upload a few of them onto your page.

It’s now time for me to show you

How you will actually grow your page on instagram?

So that you can actually make money!

What you will need to do is?

Search and open some big dog or animal page in general.

Here’s one I opened up as



What you will now want to do is open up their followers here.

And follow as many people as you possibly can. We are doing this to grow our page.

This is actually the way most pages grow on instagram.

They follow a bunch of people who are following some page similar to their own.

And they end up in their notifications.

What do you think someone will do who loves dogs?

For example

After seeing in their notifications a dog page. Many chances are they will follow them back.

This is how as I said most pages on instagram grow.


And how we will grow as well. This can be incredibly effective.

Because in like 20 minutes you can follow hundreds of people. Meaning that you can potentially grow your page to thousands of followers in like a week or even less.

Before we go on though now is the perfect time for me to explain

Why we went for the animal niche?

In the first place the reason is that

It’s extremely popular as simple as that it’s far.

Far easier to grow a dog page rather than a page about something else. Because the dog niche is one of the biggest on instagram. And since instagram will be our traffic source. The amount of money we will be able to make will depend directly on the number of our followers.

And this is why guys we went for the animal niche in particular.

It can simply put make us far earn more money online.


Anyways once you grow your page to a certain degree you will want to upload dog photos at least three to four times a week.

This is to make sure that your page actually grows even more from there.

And after some time has passed guys what you will want to do is leave something in your bio.

Along with the lines of best dog products for a good price and then add your referral link you got way back in the beginning on yazing.

In this fashion literally thousands of people following you will be able to see it.

And every single time some of them makes a purchase you will earn money.

If you do the math hundreds of people buying a product from a brand you’re promoting.

That cost

For example

Twenty dollars would make you thousands of dollars. And if a thousand or more do so then that’s even more money.in this fashion guys, with your dog page not only will you be able to make a lot of money in completely passive income.

But you will do so without having to do that much work.

Anyways this is it for today’s method guys as always thank you all for reading and I’ll see you soon!!!

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