Xiaomi Launches CyberDog is a robotic version of man’s best friend Buy Xiaomi CyberDog Online

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I know it’s amazing for you all who not even guess what CYBERDOG is!


The cell phone wasn’t the only launch of the show XIAOMI

Now Xiaomi entered the robotics segment.


 Meet Cyber Dog

Xiaomi is famous for its smartphones.

Now Xiaomi want to dominate the robotics sector.

Chinese tech giant Xiaomi launched Cyber Dog.

A quadruped robot with open source which may have unprecedented possibilities.

Similar to the sport of Boston dynamics.

The robot resembles the shape of a dog. And has a configuration to really be a pet.


Great News for Xiaomi’s fans. The company that ranks second in the global ranking of smartphone sales.

The Xiaomi’s Cyber Dog price is much cheaper when compared to e-sports while the Boston dynamics robot.It costs more than $74,000.

Cyber Dog price should hit the market at a value of $9,999 at least.


But answer is! cost of CYBER DOG around $1,540 dollars or a little more than.

How to find me expects the robot dog to be the beginning of new experiments involving machinery in quadrupeds?

Initially, either Cyber Dog will respond to voice commands from the owner.

As if it were a real dog or Cyber Dog that 

Weighs 3 kg does somersaults walks at a speed of 11.5 km per hour.

Has several cameras and sensors to offer a semi-autonomous operation.


CYBERDOG is a new ominous looking robot from Xiaomi leaning into the Robocop vibe.

Yeah! I like the look of it.

I mean obviously its very spot inspired. A little bit less yellow that’s just a cool image they created.

There it is yeah! With that like circle thing going on.

I mean what else you can do!

So many categories are like this where you start with the original.

And then it’s like how else can we do this?

We could do it exactly the same way

that seems to work.

then like or it could fly.

CyberDog have propellers.

Something really outrageous tracks it could be a tanker.

And then they’re like nope the way that they were doing it was good.


So it’s a DOG yeah! And it’s a CYBER DOG.

In this case so Xiaomi really want to push the fact.

That it’s not an industrial working robot was it a pet.

It’s a pet at least that’s what they claim in this article here.

It’s not really utilized.

But it could we can guess it’s a pet.

Yeah it’s not really utilitarian but it could be the pet thing is kind of cool.

But it’s also kind of confusing.

Because like these things.

It’s only a thousand units $1500 never mind is it smaller than spot it looks smaller.

Yes right there’s no scale. So it’s a tiny spot.  It’s pet-like and you only got to spend a grand.

I’ll take it that’s fine yeah!

It’s like a security guard!


Let’s get CYBERDOG can analyze its surroundings in real time.

Create navigational maps plot its destination.

Avoid obstacles coupled with human

Posture and face recognition tracking

CYBERDOG is capable of following its owner.

And darting around obstacles obstructions is the word.

That it says I just assumed it was going to be obstacles.

It’s listen it’s like spot it’s a low-tech budget spot.

I guess it’s smaller by the looks of it.

Just never seen one this cheap price robot.

So what happens when these are cheap does?

Everybody have them do we figure out things to do with Cyber Dog!

But at fifteen hundred dollars it’s.


Obviously just far more approachable for the vast majority of people.

Let’s see about the OUR CYBERDOG behavior after buying it!!

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